Voice and Views on Paul is a book that introduces the major scholarship on Paul in the New Perspective on Paul. It provides extra information on the scholarship from which the New Perspective was birthed, the Apocalyptic School and a combined chapter on Barclay’s important work on grace in Paul and Chester’s re-reading of reformation era readings. The book is listed as intermediate, which means that students and scholars reading the entire book will find benefit in taking notes to keep the chorus of other scholars, who are included in reference to the main scholars’ work, in mind when you’re unsure whether they’ve been included before and the content of any other related comments. The inclusion of the historical preamble behind the New Perspective is very helpful as an undergrad without significant knowledge of the history of Pauline studies.

Witherington and Myers’ prose is cohesive throughout, not giving the obvious impression of distinct authors in different chapters. This prose is quite enjoyable to read, with a few jokes throughout. They also include a lot of quotes, page references, and introductions to the books they reference ensuring that the original sources can be read for further context and information in future research or study. They also reference texts across the career of each author that relate to Paul, ensuring that the development of thought of each scholar is understood. With the exception of potentially missing the introduction of scholars in conversation with the books in the chapter, or that those books are in conversation with, chapters can be read in isolation to review either Dunn, Sanders or Wright from the New Perspective or the Apocalyptic School for further study or ministry.

Author: Ben Witherington III and Jason A Myers

More Info: Publisher’s Page


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