Everyone should have a study bible. It’s a great tool for quick reference for people as they’re reading God’s work, particularly for cultural background, giving people a place to get commentary and answers to questions that a passage can pose.

For those of us in youth ministry, its helpful to keep current with which study bibles are available for our young people to purchase, either by their parents when we’re asked for a recommendation, or to purchase for our young people as the next step in their discipleship journey.

The ESV is a popular translation, and Amazon Australia has a brilliant deal on the black paperback, for $19.65 plus shipping ($23.55 inc shipping according to Booko). This is an insane price, definitely worth getting to evaluate for your young people, or if you have a very serious young person who won’t damage the paperback. This might be an option for your young people if your church and youth group uses the ESV, and if you’re complementarian.

This morning, only 4 copies remained. Make sure you grab yours if you’re interested before stocks run out.

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ISBN: 9781433555879

Excerpt from Crossway

Amazon Price: $19.65 free shipping, $23.55 inc. shipping

Amazon Link (non-affiliate)

Booko Link

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