“How to Read Daniel” is a fantastic book. You’ll find this book helpful if you’re leading a small group reading through Daniel as it includes questions at the end of each chapter, if you’re ready to advance your own bible study skills beyond a study bible or if you’re discipling someone in their bible study. Additionally, students preparing to go to bible college would find this book helpful. In the introductory chapters, there is some content which readers may not think is necessary but that is essential for students to become familiar with, such as discussion about dating of the composition of the book and the critical nature of some scholarship towards the reality of prophecy. The inclusion of these may not be initially appreciated by all readers however, for students in particular, this introduction prior to academic study is indispensable. Students will additionally find the sparse and unobtrusive endnotes helpful for when they begin further study as they provide extra, more academically appropriate resources for use in assignments.

Longman’s writing is masterful and utilises repetition when necessary, to ensure that readers recall the main theme of the book by connecting discussions of each section of Daniel with the overall theme that is present. Furthermore, as the book functions as an introduction to reading Daniel, Longman includes in the appendix his reviews on commentaries for Daniel so that readers are empowered, if they desire, for even further study utilizing these commentaries. This is helpful considering particularly this book functions as a stepping stone between using a study bible and using commentaries for bible study.

I was provided a digital copy of the book through NetGalley, but all thoughts included are my own.

Author: Tremper Longman III

More Info: Publisher’s Page

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