Hold the presses! Apart from the fact that I’ve seen this deal before, it’s the deal of the century! If you don’t have a study bible, this price is hard to avoid for a full featured hardback study bible. It’s $25 from Koorong Australia! [Don’t want to read any more grab it here.] There are concise study bibles like the CSB Essential Study Bible, the ESV Concise Study Bible and the NIV Economy Study Bible, for around this price range. However these are cut down versions of their bigger brothers. This is the real deal!

Looking for a graduation gift, study bible for your studious teenager, or just an awesome deal – this might be the bible for you. Study bibles are generally around the $60-80 mark, so for $25 it’s a steal. If you’re a Christian and don’t have a study bible, I’d seriously recommend it. When reading the bible, you’ll have ease of access to quick commentary on what you’re reading, helping you read with other orthodox perspectives even when by yourself.

CSB Study Bible Indexed

ISBN: 9781433648106

Price: $25

Link: Koorong | Booko | Publisher

Indexed Bibles have small circles cut out of the paper so that you can open easily to a book no matter where in the bible it is. This bible is indexed, but it shouldn’t be distracting even if you don’t generally use indexed bibles.

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