Logos Bible Software is a fantastic tool for those interested in studying the Bible whether that’s at Bible College, for Ministry or for your own personal walk. A future post will walk through a few of the reasons why, but this month (April 2021) we’ve got a great sale on for Legacy libraries. Here are some of the great sales options that you could consider picking up. These Legacy libraries will not be available to purchase after this sale, if they follow the pattern from the past. Just a quick note: Logos is the name of the software for most of their packages however their Catholic packages and a few similar to that are called Verbum instead, however resources from both are available in whichever version of the software you download.

Please note, this is not officially sanctioned by Logos nor supported by them, the description of content included in the various legacy libraries should be confirmed. Lists of what is included is what I would personally look for but does not reflect the entirety of the libraries. Please confirm all information on the page that you use to make a decision. Please note, these prices are not updated beyond the April 6th 2021 post date.

These were the libraries that you bought when we were on the last version of Logos, Logos 8. These libraries don’t include any features or datasets, however buying these libraries will reduce the price for a Logos 9 package if you want to grab one in the future based on any common resources between what you own and what’s in the Logos 9 package. If you have any questions feel free to chuck a comment in here or you can join me in a Facebook group run by the experts over at Logos Daily www.facebook.com/groups/logostips

Verbum Ordinariate Starter USD$24.50

Interested in NT Wright’s New Testament for Everyone commentary series? By itself in Logos, this commentary set is USD$219.99, or you can get this set in Verbum Ordinariate Starter for USD$24.50.

The highlights of what else is included? ESV and Good News Bible, volume from an Intro to the New Testament covering the Letters and Revelation from 2011 (there’s a new edition coming out this year), an Apostolic Fathers volume (the Lexham Press and Catholic University of America volumes cover the same texts), three modern volumes on introducing the Fathers, the Catholic Catechism, four Books of Common Prayer.

Available Here

Anglican Starter USD$24.50

Interested in all of the following? Similar content to Verbum Ordinariate, but doesn’t have the Catholic Catechism or the Intro to the NT volume, and includes less from Chesterton, and doesn’t include NT Wright’s New Testament for Everyone series. Extra highlights are Fortress Commentary on the Bible (2 volume set, from 2014), IVP Bible Background Commentary (first edition of NT, there is an updated version available) from Keener for the NT and Walton, Matthews and Chavalas for the OT, Lectionary Commentary from 2005, New Dictionary of Theology: Historic and Systematic 2nd ed., Packer’s Concise Theology and Marshall’s Concise New Testament Theology. This may also get a really good dynamic price if you’ve gotten Ordinariate Starter as well for this extra content.

Available Here

Update: An earlier version of this post inaccurately said this package included NT Wright’s New Testament for Everyone series. My apologies, that is not included.

There’s more offers below BUT before you order,

you may want to see whether there’s a package at the same level which has more content that you’re interested in. For example, the Anglican Bronze has everything from Anglican Starter and has the Cornerstone commentaries in Bronze Legacy but also has the IVP New Testament Commentary series and the Bible Speaks Today NT commentary series, which aren’t in Bronze Legacy, and so you may prefer to get Anglican Bronze above Bronze Legacy.

The easiest way to do that is to find the product you’re interested in say Cornerstone commentaries on the Bronze package, roll over it then click Learn More. On that page, it should then list the packages that it’s included in, which you can then check. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Alternatively, you might like to get both packages since they should give you dynamic pricing even if you’re purchasing it at the same time, although you may want to do the purchase through the chat service to ensure that they do the dynamic pricing.

Starter Legacy USD$24.50

Interested in Longman’s How to Read volumes (Genesis, Exodus, Job, Psalms and Proverbs)?

Our review of his volume on Daniel in this series is here.

Four of these volumes are USD$10.99 and Job is USD$13.99.

The highlights of what else is included? There are some devotions that you may find useful, an Apostolic Fathers volume from Lexham Press, seven pocket dictionaries on various areas, and various bibles including NIV, MSG, CJB and NASB95.

Available here.

Bronze Legacy USD$56

Interested in Starter Legacy and commentaries? This includes volumes from the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary Series (20 vol) and the Holman New Testament Commentary series (12 vol).

The highlights of what else is included? The above two series, and BDB and everything from Starter Legacy.

Available here.

Lutheran Starter USD$24.50

Interested in Luther’s work? One volume of introduction with Luther’s works and a 6 volume set of annotated versions. These being from Fortress Press between 2012-2017.

The highlights of what else is included? There are quite a few other volumes included in this library, nothing sticks out to me but this is icing on the cake considering seven volumes of Luther for $24.50 is only $3.50 per volume is a steal.

Available here

The Bronze level of this Lutheran package doesn’t seem to me to have anything worth the extra cost for but it does add the New Covenant Commentary series as well as a number of other theology books including Gordon Fee’s Listening to the Spirit in the Text, but others more specifically reflecting on Luther or Lutheran theology. For those that are trying to grow their library, it may be worth checking that out here.

Reformed Bronze USD$56

Interested in Mentor Commentary? 15 volumes of the 18 included in the USD$380 collection, are included here.

The highlights of what else is included? 10 of the 15 New Covenant Commentary Series volumes are included here as well. A copy of Calvin’s Institutes along with some of his commentaries are included here, although I’m not certain how modern the translations are. 17 volumes from John Owen are included here as well.

Available here.

Silver Legacy USD$196

Interested in Tyndale commentary series? Please note: unlike the other offers on this page, not all of the Tyndale volumes will be included in here. 23 NT volumes and 36 OT volumes (including some first and second editions) are included. The current Tyndale commentaries bundle with 66 volumes, which should include the 59 volumes listed above (I’ve only checked a few) is USD$303.99. With dynamic pricing, if you went to purchase this bundle or Logos 9 Gold after this Silver Legacy Library the price should be dynamically reduced based on what you’ve already bought.

The highlights of what else is included? Everything from Bronze Legacy [which includes everything from Starter], Lexham Geographic Commentary on New Testament (2 vol), Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary, The Hermeneutical Spiral, LSJ , New Testament Theology from Marshall, Goldingay’s 3 vol Old Testament Theology, Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology and Counseling 2nd ed.

Available here

Orthodox Silver USD$196

Interested in Church Fathers? This package has 4 volumes from Paulist Press/Newman Press’ Ancient Christian Writers bundle, 7 volumes from the Ancient Christian Writers: Ante-Nicene Era, 27 volumes from the Fathers of the Church series from Catholic University of America, and 35 volumes from the Popular Patristics series from St Vladimir’s Seminary Press.

The highlights of what else is included? As a larger package there’s a lot of other resources, nothing massively stands out to me but it’s harder to look through individual theology volumes in these different sections.

Available here.

More volumes may be available in Gold or higher packages, but I believe this is the lowest package which includes a lot of these modern volumes of the Church Fathers. Both Orthodox Starter and Bronze do have some of these Popular Patristics and Fathers of the Church volume, if you’re interested in a particular text or if you want a smaller purchase either of those will give you some volumes to start your patristics library. Starter also has a 37 volume set if you’re happy to read translations from 1885-1900 which may be harder to read than the contemporary translations mentioned above.

Eastern Rite Silver has similar resources to Orthodox Silver, so it may be worth checking out and comparing between the two to see whether Eastern Rite Silver is a better package for you. You can see that package which is the same price here.

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