Them, Us and Me is a great book on how to interpret the Old Testament. It is accessible to those entering Bible College as well as those without any desire for formal study. If you’ve ever had questions about the Old Testament and how it applies to us as Christians in 2021, this is a terrific book to consider reading. The approach in this book is respectful to the meaning of the text to Jewish audiences, through the virtue of its three-part sequence, which is essential considering the anti-Semitic history of some Christian biblical interpretation. The age of the book does mean that some of the resources referenced in the book’s focussed recommended bibliographies, may be slightly out of date however it does provide a brilliant starting place for further reading especially for those who aren’t studying formally. Students may find that the resources included are older than their course allows although new resources haven’t necessarily replaced each resource included in these lists.
The prose Grey weaves in this book invites the reader into both a deeper understanding of the context around the Old Testament and the cohesive story developing through it. In copious chapters, the audience is brought in to see Grey’s devotional reading and artistic sketching of Scripture to assist in seeing how the tools are employed to extract meaning from the text. Helpfully, discussion questions are included to secure understanding of the focus for each chapter. Each of its two main sections are necessary for the new reader in their next step of Bible study.

Author: Jacqueline Grey

More Info: Publisher’s Page


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