I’ve got a collection of bibles for kids, that I’ll eventually be putting a written and video review of as time allows for me to continue work on the Bible section of the site. If you have any questions on the NIV Adventure Bible, the CSB Explorer Bible or the CEB Deep Blue Bible, feel free to comment below and I’ll respond when I get a chance!

This Bible is $50 at Koorong and Reformers, so getting it here for $30 if you have Amazon Prime for free delivery [I believe its $15 otherwise, so at that point not worth it], is a great deal. If you’re looking for a bible for your kid, make sure you check this deal out ASAP! I can’t imagine that it’ll last long.

The NIV has been the top selling bible translation pretty consistently over 14 years. Over the last seven years, their Adventure Bible in both NIV and NIRV has been included regularlly in the topselling bibles. The Christian Standard Bible although starting fluctuating around the bottom of the charts, is now mid-tier on the bible translation charts. Available in a wide variety of study bibles, as well as free review copies available for those in ministry, the CSB has grown over the last six years since it was completed. The CSB is published by the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention and is co-chaired by Tom Schreiner a trusted and wellknown New Testament scholar. They report in their FAQ, that their translation team represents Lutheran, Presbyterian, conservative Anglican and non-denominational Bible churches in addition to the Southern Baptist Convention. For pastors, the New American Commentary is being updated to become the Christian Standard Commentary. If you’re interested in getting some more information on CSB, I recall this interview of Brandon Smith on Theology in the Raw being good. Check it out here.

In Oct 2022, they released the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids. Bibles can be expensive, but if you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can grab a hardcover copy for only $29.18. This is an awesome price, with Booko reporting the next highest prices are from Koorong or Reformers, two of Australia’s three Christian bookstores. Available in a variety of covers, you can get information on these covers as well as some sample pages here.


Source: In my research, there were months where the NIV was ranked two, but this didn’t impact on the annual ranking.

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