We’ve had a great variety of deals recently.

Here are some new Bible deals for Australians. Make sure you check our last two posts with deals from Koorong and Word, including a brilliant deal on the CSB Study Bible indexed hardback.

The Christian Standard Bible has a series of apologetics study bible covering most age ranges, moving from the adult Apologetics Study Bible, through the teen Apologetics Study Bible for Students ending up with this Defend Your Faith study bible. This is mainly a deal for Amazon Prime members, as $15 dollar shipping is significant increase.

You can get this plum leathertouch edition for $23.18 from Amazon, not including shipping. This is a great deal compared to the $65 Koorong price. You can check out prices here on Booko, or go straight to Amazon here to grab your child this bible. A more standard hardback is also on sale, but for $25.11 on Amazon. Booko reports a variety of other new online copies around this price point, but Koorong reports the price as more than this. 

Sample pages of the gospel of Mark, sourced from Lifeway, are available here.

My brief viewing of the sample pages tells me that there don’t appear to be a lot of notes, but the notes appear to be of good type, some archeological, some profiles of characters related to either defaming or defending the faith, and some answers to questions or corrections to misunderstandings. These are great concepts for a child apologetics study bible. There are notes every few pages which is good, but not being able to view the Genesis nor Timothy study notes to see the creation and women-in-ministry notes does mean I would be hesitent to immediately suggest this for all young people, but (I would imagine) if you’re conservative on these issues then this may not be something that you’d need to worry about.

Looking for a bible as a woman or for your mother, daughter, partner or friend? Also in the CSB, the (in)courage Devotional Bible is available in two different hardback colours at $27/$28 not including shipping. The grey hardback is $28.01 at Amazon. Check out other prices here at Booko. The green cloth over board is $27.04 at Amazon, other prices are available at Booko where you can check the particular discount.

I got another binding of this book for my mother and she said

“I love it. The theme based reading plans are awesome and the study notes in which people share their personal stories is insightful.”

The NIV Open Bible is a reference bible, with extensive footnotes which is the main feature. It seems like it may be similar to the Thompson Chain Reference. Amazon is selling this bible for $28.59, without shipping. Check out Booko for other prices, but the price seems to be quite good.  See a video below from an established reviewer to see a quick break down of this bible.

Please note that inclusion of this YouTube video does not imply approval of this blog by A Nickels Worth. Neither, does Josh approve all comments made in the video.


Want to check out a new translation?

The main benefit of the New English Translation, is the mountain of footnotes available which describe translator decisions and provide some references to resources used in translating particular verses. This deal isn’t a full notes version, but Amazon has a large print, thinline indexed imitation leather for $16.14. See other prices on Booko here. You can access notes online or in any bible apps that have the NET (I’ve only used YouVersion and Logos, but it may be availalbe in others. Logos requires purchasing of the full notes version). Unlike some other new translations that haven’t had staying power, the NET has a variety of published (the Abide Bible with a focus on engaging with the text through spiritual disciplines and Love God Greatly, a women’s bible) and upcoming (The Text a bible for youth, young adults and new believers) bibles beyond the standard reference and full notes versions. I expect to see the NET in print and available in a variety of bindings, for a long time.

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