Using commentaries are an essential step in study, to make sure that you can get historical background and different perspectives. There are two commentaries that are on sale on Amazon AU at the moment. The following links are not currently affiliate links. I’m just here to help you get the best deals.

Craig Keener is the pre-eminent living Pentecostal biblical scholar, who’s widely respected outside Pentecostal circles even being the 2020 President of the Evangelical Theological Society. He’s well known for his four volume commentary of Acts, and his immense historical knowledge reflected in his New Testament background commentary and the related study bible.

Amazon currently has his New Cambridge Bible Commentary for 1-2 Corinthians for $30 which is almost half off compared to Cambridge direct, but only about $10 off compared to the cheapest price listed on Booko for the last year. A similar price is available from Angus and Robertson’s eBay. Amazon may drop their price further though, I just didn’t want to risk missing this great price.

As far as I’m aware, there are very few commentaries related to theological interpretation of scripture, but I could be mistaken. There is the Two Horizons series, and this Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible [BTC] series. This series has been discontinued, there are only a limited number of volumes that will still be coming out, and no further ones will be ordered and so this won’t be a complete series.

For this Philippians volume, it is listed on New and Notable on If you’re really into the BestCommentaries ratings this isn’t as highly rated as the Two Horizons series but this BTC volume is from 2020 so pretty new, which may not have too many reviews bringing it down the rankings.

This is currently $15 on Amazon, it’s currently listed as out of stock [which might be my fault] but I believe they should honour the insane price. Check out nearest prices on Booko, but Amazon is cheapest by far.

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