Between us guys is a great book for fathers to read and then read with their sons. I’m not a father, but the topics discussed covered a wide range and provide a good base of conversations as boys move in preteen ages and then eventually teenage years. The pattern that these discussions follow is also very helpful. In terms of the discussion itself, an activity is suggested to start and questions are included to make it flow more naturally and with more enjoyment than just sitting down and chatting, especially in the beginning. The consistent headings of the discussions are really helpful in moving through as it anchors everything in Christ and His work in us to bring us back into relationship with God and reduce the effects of the fall. Whilst this works for 9-11 year olds, the content can be adapted for older ages as well. Scriptures are included frequently, and appendices cover sharing the Gospel between father and son as well as the importance of family worship and bible reading outside of the church. The entire book is conversational and easy to read.

I was provided a digital copy of the book through NetGalley, but all thoughts included are my own.

Author: Joel Fitzpatrick

More Info: Publisher’s Page

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